Week 30: Kevin Latimer


let’s let you dance

yo mama’s dead — my nigga             she don’t come around no more    you should            get this
catch that          fade                         eat this tough love.      How are you?             you haven’t returned
my          calls                the group chat stay on mute    &   the poor dog pookie          — oh    God
pookie       dressed in winters fur coat.       God spit you out        let me fill up that water bowl
—  oh god pookie       I said              oh, God,   pookie             my boots     are           filled
with lead       // the concrete is lava     &i’mmelting   i’m melting        don’t pull me out.
You see, what had happened was — i just / you know                     it’s ok. i ain’t sad no more
pull that frown   into happiness             into some outside               into a spring /  a more sky
hue                       the color of clouds on leave               summer hot on their backs       whip them
niggas into shape               i say to myself                             mama, you should feel this too
in that  graveyard        that God-chosen resting place             the velvet casket sticks      to bone
choosing you as dress    now, i ain’t gonna lie              somedays                    just some
            I want to rip you out                  &         let you dance                           with  me
the way                     you always said          we were going to.       please, just one last time.


Kevin Latimer is a poet and playwright from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of BARNHOUSE. His poems are forthcoming from Hobart, Passages North, & others. He really likes Nickelback. find him at @LikelyKevin