Marry Me, Gill Man

I too dispatch bioluminescence
like a woodsy cologne.

Love me, we are kin
(But shy of incest!).

I swim toward the grail
of loam & water.

I swim toward your arms.

Love me, I will ruin my suits
while you watch.

I will grow a nictitating membrane
to shelter my eyes

when you push me in.

Love me, thresh my tie
with your pectoral fins.

Open my throat so I can truly breathe. 


Wren Hanks is the author of The Rise of Genderqueer, a 2018 selection for Brain Mill Press’s Mineral Point Poetry Series and a finalist for Gold Line Press’s chapbook contest. A 2016 Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Fellow, his poetry has been a finalist for Indiana Review’s 1/2 K Prize and anthologized in Best New Poets. His recent work appears or is forthcoming in Indiana ReviewWaxwingFoglifter, and elsewhere. He is also the author of Prophet Fever (Hyacinth Girl Press), an Elgin Award finalist. He lives in Brooklyn, where he works as a liaison for ACC’s New Hope program, a proactive community initiative that finds homes animals in need. He lives in Brooklyn and tweets @suitofscales.