Dust Plate 2.2.17 | Ceramic | 6" x 6 " | 2017


Artist Statement: I explore materials and objects as a means to understand rhythms of time. As we age, so do the things around us; the steps upon our front door creak and slump more with every season, while a fossilized, thousand years old dinosaur bone is a test of time. My work is inspired from these rhythms and pulses of life. The results are simple and abstracted through which material exploration take place.

The Dust Plate series is a collection of wall mounted plates that highlight a continued self interest in material research, recording, and beauty in the discarded. Over the past year I have been collecting my house sweepings as a way to create a visual representation of the activities within my home. As seasons change so do the sweepings; marking the transition into fall as dry leaves find their way indoors or when the heat sets in and my dog begins to shed her fur. Each time I sweep, I burn the gatherings upon a plate to leave a shadowy record of what once was.


Lindsey Dezman received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2011 from Colorado State University, after which she studied at Oregon College of Art & Craft as a Post Baccalaureate student in ceramics. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art in May of 2014. Her work is part of permanent collections including Cranbrook Art Museum and Icheon World Ceramic Center. Dezman is currently living and working in Metro Detroit, Michigan.