Artemisia | Ceramic | 2' 11" x 1' 2" x 2' 9" | 2016

Louise  | Ceramic | 2016

Louise | Ceramic | 2016

Artist Statement: There is an urge to process, digest, contemplate, and communicate to others the complex emotions and experiences of struggle, grief, pain and healing in the hopes that others may gain some understanding of how it may feel.

I deal with common issues and struggles that are tied to the most base aspects of the human condition. This does not make these concepts and emotions less complicated. My baseline motivator is always to show others where my emotions are, and my experience dealing with mental health and grief.

My art is always striving to relate with others through the silent loudspeaker that is the figure. Without words, I am able to connect emotionally with others and hopefully touch them. Through my figures, I can say everything that a thousand words would struggle to convey. In this way, I can cut through misunderstanding and meet people at their emotional core.