Proposal | Oil on Panel | 2015


Artist Statement: The most variable and endless source of inspiration is nature itself, and so I take as much as I can from disciplined observation of reality—but I also infuse my own impressions and interpretations of that reality, resulting in a personal and intimate work of art. This stylization of reality using human sensibilities of balance and rhythm, color and tone, mass and line is what connects my work to the tradition of classical western art. My move to the countryside has inspired most of my recent subject matter of hunters, trappers, aged objects, and the vanitas. The men, woman, and objects in my paintings are in a balance with the elements around them and reflect the austere environments they live in.


Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, David Gluck currently resides on Vancouver Island where he paints out of his home studio. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Penn State University in 2006, following which he immigrated to Canada to marry his biggest inspiration and fellow artist Katherine Stone. His artwork is in both private and public collections around the world. These days David exhibits with various galleries and museums on an intermittent basis.