A Full Stop Being Too Nearly Divine

This is my fear : I will find you hollowed out and dry : filled with
honeybees : and buzzing like a machine :: once in a children’s book
a tractor flaked to rust : alone in a copse : of ash :: I would rest myself
like a stone in your shoe :: we each contain : too much to carry :
of the divine : despite the quotidian dreams of our teeth : despite our
carnivorous need :: if we are any piece of God we are maybe toenails :
unnecessary and plain as milk :: I swear : the part of me that wants
to do good is larger than the part that is able :: for instance my hands :
the bone-china teacup that is life : oiled beneath my hands :: my hands
that want so much to be shaped like peace :: can a beach be both :
the beauty the world needs : and the glass beneath which : your softness
blooms :: my friend : in my life I have done things the wrong way enough
days : to need the death of a sinless man :: a perfectly executed full stop ::
my friend : if you : will keep climbing : I will hold the ladder : will exhale
you like a prayer : above my tongue


Rachel Custer’s full-length manuscript, “The Temple She Became,” is forthcoming fromFive Oaks Press. Her work is forthcoming or has previously appeared in [PANK], Rattle, B O D Y, blazeVOX, and Burnt District, among other places.