Improvisation (06252017) | Acoustic Instruments, Found Objects,
Modular Synthesizer, Laptop | Spectrum (Brooklyn, NY) | 2017


Artist Statement: This is an improvisational piece consisting of sounds from acoustic and electric instruments looped and processed using software and a modular synthesizer. During this performance, I explored serendipitous sounds coming from imperfect loops of various sound sources that slowly soothe the feeling of listeners. 


Hiroshi Ebina is a sound artist, gagaku musician and photographer from Japan. Hiroshi studied hichiriki and biwa, traditional gagaku instruments, and dance under the guidance of musicians from the Imperial Household Agency. He also explores scenic sounds from electrical and acoustic instruments as well as found obejects. He performed the traditional Japanese music as well as his own ambient and experimental music in various venues around Japan. In 2014, he moved to New York City to pursue his music and photography. Serendipity is a quintessential part of his compositions and performances. He incorporates sound and silence emerge and disappear by chance to create unique soundscape. In February 2016, he released the EP Where Memories Dwell.