Sole, Anello, Piramide (From: We are all astronauts) | Installation (Variable Dimensions) | 2013

Iris (From: Kilimanjaro) | Stone, Stainless Steel | Installation (Variable Dimensions) | 2014


Artist Statement: Nature, as background of my personal growth on the outskirts of Milan, has been a recurring element within my research. Once I was in the city, I could find nature again, hidden in artificial things everywhere, even along the city streets and roads or in objects of ordinary usage. The word “landscape” is the basic theme of my work. At first, I studied the landscape with its different elements such as rain, puddles, rainbow and so on—only then did I start to think about the word “environment,” reflecting on how a work could transform the space where is placed. In such a way, I got to a reasonable consideration about the word “display,” thinking of landscape as a practice of setting. I’m basically interested in this practice together with the research of wonder and beauty of daily objects, materials and actions—often transforming them into other things just to show a possible way to look at them. An exploratory approach that always leads you to great encounters and surprises, because when the imagination chats with reality it generates new answers. So everyday life (the life we often try to grasp through reason and logic) meets the world of invention and fantasy, which is just as much a part of that reality if we look at it with the eyes of a fascinated child.


Alice Ronchi (b. 1989, Milano, IT, based in Milano) graduated in 2012 from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), Milan IT, and in 2015 from the master program of the Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam NL. She has exhibited at Gasconade space, Milan IT; Peep-Hole, Milan, IT (both 2013); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin; La Triennale Museum, Milano, (both 2014); Galleria civica di Trento, Trento IT; Fons Welters Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (both 2015); Macro Museum, Rome, IT; and Stadgalerie, Kiel, DE (both 2016), among others. In 2014 she began her collaboration with Francesca Minini gallery, Milan IT, for which she’s preparing her second solo show that will take place in March 2018.