Dear Bed | Acrylic and Wood | 2016

Dear Bed (Detail) | Acrylic and Wood | 2016


Artist Statement: In her day-to-day before graduating from fashion school, Tatiane Freitas was already driven to elements of design—looking into ways to create objects that could be both comfortable and admired. Although wood is her most common medium, she’s also been experimenting with substances such as acrylic. This material juxtaposition demonstrates her intent to craft pieces that will endure the harshness of time, and therefore bring to their new owners personal memories evoked in her during the process of (re)creation.

A recurring creative subject in her work is the transformation of common objects, and how these objects address a balance between the struggles with which we all live—e.g. the dynamic of past versus present, old versus young. The memories the objects bring do not remain trapped in the past; they also adjourn with present day life. In this relationship between memory and identity, Tatiane relates to Ricœur’s metaphors where the hero/artist merge—following the thought where our identity is also a reflection of what we did and can do.

In the artist’s case, by revisiting her past she simultaneously recalls and continues to build her own narrative, as well as the personal search for the young and free heart and mind, full of memories, which continue to be written.


Tatiane Freitas is a visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Her work has been featured in the 2013 Collective Exposure: Edición Número Cero La Habana I – Casa del Mexico, Havana, Cuba; and the 2016 Collective Exposure: Clairvoyance – Guy Hepner Gallery, New York, USA. Visit her at: