Same Difference | Charcoal, Graphite, and Spray Paint on Paper | 20" x 28" | 2017


Artist Statement: Inspired by the rich tradition of still life, my work features commonplace objects that are found in my home and local environment. I manipulate and arrange these objects compositionally with the intention of creating a situation that expresses a particular idea. Overtime, the objects begin to function like personal symbols as they reappear in the work to establish a theme. The formal qualities of my work are concerned with unifying simplicity and complexity within a single space. The detailed subjects are contrasted with spacious, vacant backgrounds to allow for a balance between the visual energies. Charcoal, graphite and spray paint are combined to create a grayscale palette. The absence of color simplifies the work further while creating the opportunity for greater emotional flexibility. 


Lauren Yandell is a visual artist and a Lecturer of Art and Design at the University of Houston – Clear Lake in Houston, Texas. Her studio practice explores drawing, painting and mixed media techniques including collage. She has exhibited nationally in numerous juried exhibitions spanning from New York to California. Her work has also been included in multiple publications, including: Studio Visit Magazine and Ruminate Magazine’s Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize. Yandell holds a MFA from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi and two degrees from Texas State University: BFA in Studio Art – Painting and a BFA in Communication Design. Her work can be found at: