Portrait of Siblings (Diptych) | Collagraph and Monoprint | 22" x 18" (Each) | 2015


Artist Statement: My work is constantly concerned with mapping and the various means associated with the term itself. The parameters that define the legibility of an object, place, idea and image are where I focus. My work is built upon the resulting relationships. These relationships are between objects, the environment, or objects and the environment. I use this matrix to reestablish an environment so I can examine the dependent and independent relationships developed. I am interested in the accumulated data that defines the man-made and natural world around us and how that relates to our rational analysis of understanding in general.


AWG is a Mid-west artist originally from St. Louis, MO and earned his MFA from Indiana University–Bloomington in 2005. He has exhibited in various national and international exhibitions such as the International Print Center New York, Global Matrix II and IV International Printmaking Exhibition, The Print Center’s 91st Annual International Competition, and 2016 Edinboro National Printmaking Competition. His works are part of collections at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; NBC MESHTECH, Tokyo, Japan; Zayed University, Dubai, U.A.E.; the Janet Turner Museum; the Lonsford Collection at Purdue University; and the City of Columbia, MO.