DayDreamer | Acrylic and Latex House Paint on Wood | 20" x 20" | 2015


Artist Statement: In my paintings I utilize visual aesthetics from a variety of sources, such as 8-bit video games, pinball machine graphics, 1960’s psychedelic imagery, over-the-top toy packaging designs, as well as from pop art influences. I’m drawn to their use of vibrant colors, the flat, hard-edge shapes and playful geometrical patterns, and I’m interested in the way these elements of design have been used by commercial/graphic design industries to elicit visceral responses from consumers—ones that draw them in and make them take notice. This interest has led to my current body of paintings that explore a witty and cheerful manipulation of various eye-popping visual elements and personally nostalgic references to visually stimulate the viewer. Several recurring visual elements and themes include psychedelic inspired flowers, rainbows, multicolored star bursts and light rays, and abstract geometric forms all mashed-up and composed to lure the viewer in and share in my developing narratives.


Timothy Gaewsky is an interdisciplinary artist who has worked in video and installation but is currently focused on painting. He earned an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art. Gaewsky has exhibited both nationally and abroad in group exhibitions at galleries and museums including AC Institute (NYC, NY), Punch Gallery (Seattle, WA), The Gallery Project (Ann Arbor, MI), Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo, OH), AQUA Art Miami with ArtSlant (Miami Beach, FL) and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam, NL). Gaewsky was also awarded an Individual Excellence Award grant from the Ohio Arts Council in 2015. Gaewsky currently lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. More of Timothy’s work can be found at