In The Garden | Oil on Wood Panel with some Engraving | 45" x 45" | 2015


Artist Statement: I create landscape paintings of the bits and pieces of nature that I find mostly at my feet. These insignificant remnants of insects, seeds and leaves are clues to an unseen world that constantly moves around us. We very rarely see this drama but we do see what is left behind like the pieces of an insect in a spider web or finding a dried up baby bird at the base of a palm tree. When I walk around and collect I feel I am a participant in this unseen world rather than a detached viewer. Our world is now fast paced and information driven. Waiting and watching are difficult. Each object on a painting is quietly discovered and painstakingly painted. It is created for the viewer to pause and look so that they can also have a moment in time of quiet reflection.


Brooke Molla is an artist living in the low desert of Arizona. When not in her studio she most likely can be found walking slowly through the desert pulling cactus thorns out of her fingers.