Pinglet 9 | Acrylic, Paper, Thin Skin, Fabric, Thread, and Wool Yarn on Canvas | 11" x 10" | 2015


Artist Statement: Emma Balder’s work displays maps of personal experiences within both real and imagined space and time. Intrigued by her abstruse and transcendental relationship to the landscape, Emma’s paintings address the everlasting mark that an experience within a place can leave on an individual. The undulating lines in her work parallel the contours and layers found in nature, which symbolize the passage of time and lead the viewer through traces of her personal histories. While Emma works in a variety of mediums, the documentation of the process is where her interest rests. Her recent work reveals a fantasia of handcrafted elements, where various textiles and traditional craft techniques exist in harmony with vibrantly painted abstractions. The process of radical transformation and regeneration is the core of Emma’s artistic practice.


Emma Balder is a New England-bred visual artist. She received her BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Emma was awarded a year-long Staff Artist Residency Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center and has received recognition in publications such as Studio Visit MagazineAmerican Art Collector, and Fresh Paint Magazine. Emma has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her works are included in private and public collections such as the Dave Bown Projects. Emma currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado. More of her work can be found at