Sea Level | Archival Pigment Print | 56" x 43" (Addition of .3) | 2013


Artist Statement: My work is an intersection of the symbolic realm of time and space, identity and self-perception, both personal and collective. In this body of work, I attempt to question the relationship between painting and performance. Through my visual performances, staged solely to be photographed or filmed with no audience, ideas are transformed into a ritualistic theatre. The studio space is randomly orchestrated, evolving time, space, objects and body gesture. It’s an ephemeral and authentic experience that could not be repeated. Dance is absorbed by the magnitude of the gesture, and incorporating my body gesture as a method for capturing the reflection of emotions and the tension between movement and stillness. This photo-collage work represents a sequence of shots that were taken during the performance. These documents are fragmentations that evoke the idea of a dissociation of a pure movement. The gesture of a moving body that reduces to its significant fragment. This fragmentary aesthetic has the power of snapshot photography that isolates a meaning, a transcendental moment, a memory to keep alive, or to create an impact where the image crosses emotions. It’s by the juxtaposition of the body in space and time, and the object’s setting that makes one see not just a situation-response but how this interactive space gives an image, which is a scripting of a specific point in time.


Nava Waxman is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. Her work ranges from paintings,drawings, objects, to performance. Her ongoing research is focused on the tension and complexity between inner perception and identification, the autobiographical elements and their relation to theself. Hers is a complex artistic practice that denotes an immersion in the physical nature of existence and its earthly foundation. Within the context of mythological, religious and mystical influences, she attempts to summon the Archetypical Image so as to approach it and reform it to a Prototype. Nava’s work explores the transgressive aspects of the body and its correlation with time and space. Her aesthetic style is a constant scientific yet organic process of coordinating such contradicting media as painting and performance: the repetitions, the erasures, the documentation of the fleeting moments. Nava’s visual performances are an ongoing case study on [Im]mortality, and the temporary versus the everlasting—a subversive statement on the perpetual changes of the human experience. Born in Israel, Nava received her BA in social science and communications from OPEN University in Tel-Aviv and she studied painting and drawing at the Toronto School of Art. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, has been featured in numerous publications, and is held in numerous public and private collections.