Today, the pure unrelenting magnificence
of life could undo me. Joy
is a horse, galloping through the stomach,
foaling in the throat. Joy
could undo me.

Tomorrow, whose burning carriage
awaits me? What wild surge
will course through, flipping switches
on & off?— a poltergeist in my heart,
knocking loves off shelves.

I can’t make up my mind about life—
miraculous, mundane—
life— the beauty, the bane—
but even after everything, it’s clear
we’re the lucky ones.

Tomorrow is a darkness.
This moment is a darkness.
But I am a keyhole into it,
a winged chink, an intercessor of light,
& today, joy is a horse.


Maya Owen lives in London, England. She is a poetry reader for Winter Tangerine Review, and her work has appeared in various publications in print and online.