Multiplicity Within Singularity | Mono-Print on Laser-Cut Panel | 36" x 30" | 2015


Artist Statement: Using allegory and personal narrative, I create a world in which the veil between these two points dissipates and finite meets the infinite to explore life, death, and eternity. My work focuses on new philosophies and structures found in contemporary art, in relation to the relevancy of religious discourse—from myths, fables, and biblical stories. To address concerns of religious art and explore ways to join the space between the secular and the sacred, tenants of modernism and postmodernism have been restructured in a new cultural phenomenon called metamodernism. This method seeks to embrace the wonder and mystery that is present within both the sacred and secular.


Tyler Butcher (United States, 1985) received a MFA in painting in 2015 from The Savannah College of Art and Design. He has exhibited both solo and group shows across the United States, including: the Rising Star Exhibition, Box-Hawkins Gallery, 180 Gallery, Verizon Gallery, Craighead-Green Gallery, VAST Group Show, Robert Lange Studio, Nonfiction Gallery, SCAD Small Works, and Alexander Ink. His international exhibitions include The Small Print Show in Egypt and The Colorida Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. Butcher is currently being represented by the Craighead-Green Gallery in Dallas, TX. He lives and works in Savannah, GA. Visit him online at: