The Saturn | Photograph | 2008

Shelby | Photograph | 2009
(Collaborative Project: Ryan Schude, Dan Busta, and Collins Schude)


Artist Statement: Tableaux Vivants expands upon the tradition of 19th century “living pictures” of the same name: meticulously composed group scenes rendered in painting and theatre. Reimagined here as staged photographs, these images offer aesthetically driven locations as specific backdrops for each particular story. Themes in this set range from single-parenthood and infidelity to familial strife, although the series as a whole encompasses a broad range of story and subject whilst maintaining a unified visual style.


Ryan Schude is a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles. After studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, he has had solo exhibitions in Santa Monica, Paris, and Istanbul. This year, a monograph covering his last decade of work was published by Dublin, Ireland imprint Roads. His work can be found online at: