Aubade Ending with a Premonition of Death

The shape of the birds is strange today is
not right the shape of my wrong-shaped heart

one day doctors will hold it up and marvel
turning it around in their latex hands murmuring

what a misshapen beast how did it even beat blood round
such a body I had shaped like the strange-shaped

birds but could not fly I always ran fast
and awkwardly the way the ostrich runs

out of danger and into the shallow silly ground
just so I did not hear when the doctors told me the day

I would die instead I was singing back to the birds
that took flight and maybe passed my message on.


Lillian Kwok is originally from Philadelphia, and now lives and studies in Sweden. She has a chapbook published by Awst Press, and her work has been published in the Cortland Review, Paper Darts, Salt Hill, and other journals. She holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.