Cosmological Formations (Series VII, V) | Watercolor, Ink, and Mixed Media on Tyvek | 60" x 60" | 2014

Cosmological Formations (Series VII, VIII) | Watercolor, Ink, and Mixed Media on Tyvek | 60" x 60" | 2014


Artist Statement: From the silence of nothingness arises forms that expand and contract outward into essential expressions of geometry’s core visual language of line and shape. Imagined universes arise and dissolve as I explore the tension between fluidity and rigidity. Harmony can be achieved at a point between becoming and being, and in that moment of distillation of form lies equanimity, reflection, and stillness within the infinite realm of the cosmos.


Kim Carlino was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1977. She received her BFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011. Carlino also studied with Avron Soyer at the New School and the Educational Art Alliance in NYC. Carlino has exhibited in the U.S. including shows at the University Museum of Contemporary Art in Amherst, Caelum Gallery in NYC, ArtPrize, Bromfield Gallery in Boston, MASS MoCA, and has work in the Boston Drawing Project Flat Files and the Pierogi Flat Files. She was a member on the team of artists that installed the 25 year Drawing Retrospective of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts in 2008. Carlino installed Wall Drawing #38, Wall Drawing #142, and Wall Drawing #797. Carlino received the Prutting Award for Painting and was the finalist for the Bromfield Solo Competition in 2014. Carlino is represented by the Elise Contemporary Gallery in NYC and recently completed a gate as part of the Lower East Side 100 Gates Project.