Contain Yourself | Polyurethane Foam, Acrylic, Epoxy Resin | 11" x 11" x 6" | 2015

Flattery | Polyurethane Foam, Acrylic, Epoxy Resin | 18" x 16" x 7" | 2015


Artist Statement: My most recent work explores the space between opposing forces, emphasizing the underlying sense of tension by pairing contrasting elements. It primarily focuses on ideas of beauty and repulsion, relating many of the textures and colors to the body and food. There is a playful interaction between concealing and revealing where I utilize the idea of covering up “imperfections,” as we do to ourselves. I embrace an intuitive process that relies on play, experimentation, and balance. The materials I choose allow a certain amount of control, but have the potential for their own action. Using a visual language of excess, the pieces appear attractive while simultaneously creating a feeling that something is off.


Dan graduated from Arizona State University with her Masters in Fine Arts in 2014 and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in 2010. Currently her work can be found in New American Paintings (Issue 120), Fresh Paint Magazine (International Issue 9), and Studio Visit Magazine (Vol. 31 & 32). She is working towards a solo show in early 2016 with Kamiposi Gallery and a group show in March with Left Field Slo Gallery.