Imaginary Order | Powdered Pigment on Canvas | 48" x 44" | 2014


Artist Statement: Many people are not willing to divorce the importance of individuality attached to a face, figure, or body. I find it curious that viewers are invested in the exact “who-ness” of a representation. Social media is an example of how this value has manifested. Pictures meant to act as visual autobiographical material disseminate rapidly. The phenomenal body is experienced, recognized, and envisioned through time, gender, and age, among other various characteristics. In this line of investigation, identity as an absolute state is questioned by merging multiple faces of different people together to create one entity. In some paintings, one person is presented as a composite of multiple moments in time that blur together to suggest that time acts against a fixed identity. An ambiguous sense of likeness is presented instead of specific regard for uniqueness of a human subject to contrast with the plight to construct a resolute image of self. Struggle that inevitably entails discomfort is apparent in both habits of mind and bodily sensation. These pluralistic representations exist through familiar mechanisms and tropes of portraiture yet contradict some key aspects of the tradition within a broad historical context.


Lacey Mckinney has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions in New York and Virginia, and has been awarded recent artist residencies including the Contemporary Artist Center, Woodside, Troy NY and the Fremantle Art Centre, Western Australia. She works in painting media using figurative subject matter to convey themes of embodiment through sensuous color. Physical and conceptual dualities that simultaneously contradict and fold into one another are evident in her work. Her paintings often address content relating to identity, gender, phenomenology and technology from an interactive and philosophical standpoint. Born in New York, McKinney attended SUNY New Paltz to earn her MFA in Painting and Drawing after graduating from SUNY Oswego with a BFA and MA. She presently lives and works in Syracuse, NY while teaching as a Visual and Performing Arts full-time faculty at FingerLakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY. For more information, please visit:,, and