Black glass, borrow me.

Nail, catch my sleeve.

Condominium, collapse.

Livestock, I am pasture.

Savior, move my cloud.

Pigeons, come closer.

Carnival, I am arriving.

Disorder, answer me.

Oh alphabet, numeral.

Boy, perform for me.

Psalms, in single file.

Belief, I misspell you.

Winter, choose ashes.

Oh liars, oh stagecraft.

Cliffside, say nothing.

Let me take your coat.

(Bed, a coat for you.)

Metal, be another bell.

Bell, ring. Bells, ring.

End, make room for me.


Justin Runge lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where he serves as poetry editor of Parcel. He is the author of two chapbooks, Plainsight (New Michigan Press, 2012) and Hum Decode (Greying Ghost Press, 2014). His work appears or is forthcoming in Best New Poets, Cincinnati Review, Colorado Review, Poetry Northwest, Portland Review, DIAGRAM, and elsewhere. He can be found at