these days, I am

[inside the whirr of the engine]

following the money.
I am examining fever
pitches. It is all these

[Apollo says Athena says Nike says]

bowl games all these
conference matchups all

[heroes in the hull of our love]

these head-first hits all these over-
and-overs. This, this sport
that chews the brain.

[everything within this again-and-again]

Iā€™m watching all these
hometown heroes
sign away their faces.

[big ol land]

If this country is a melting pot,
the pot evaporates itself into
real coin money. Race,

[these white men make millions]

too: I am blurring between
Get back out on the field &
Get back out in the field

[our landscape of broken bones]


Holly Burdorff is an MFA candidate at the University of Alabama. Her work is forthcoming in Ostrich Review.