Untitled | Graphite on Paper | ~ 4' x 7' | 2012-Ongoing


Artist Statement: Beginning with simple marks made with graphite or ink, I explore different systems of mark making. One mark leads to the next and so on until what is left is an accumulated residue of the time spent within each particular modality. Slowly I build up the page until each system exhausts itself or reaches its inherent structural conclusion. Sometimes this way of working manifests itself in pure non-objective process-oriented drawings, while other times it becomes more illustrative and psychedelic. Regardless of approach, my work is always is rooted in an extreme exploration of minutia and mark making. Even though my drawings function within a set of strict guidelines, each piece is its own entity and has its own unique outcome. There is a dichotomy between macro and micro. This tension between macro and micro and past and present creates the overall presence upon which the work is rooted. You are given the end result and get to reflect on the moments that led to it.


Zach Mory comes from the small town of Cottage Grove, WI, a few miles southeast of Madison, WI. Initially trained as a life drawer, his work slowly turned towards the abstract and non-objective possibilities of art making as his undergraduate schooling continued at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the spring of 2008, he received his MFA from UW-Madison with a concentration in drawing. Since his graduation he has taught various courses at colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. His work has appeared in New American Paintings and Starry Nights “Artists to Look Out For” and, most recently, was selected as a juror’s shortlist pick for 2D entries at Artprize 2014 and was also selected as a finalist for the 2014 Celeste Prize. You can view more of his work at zachmory.com.