Distractions | Oil on Panel | 18" x 24" | 2013


Artist Statement: Grant Whipple’s new paintings fragment the routines of daily life to bring overlooked contrasts into high relief. An elite university encroaches on a low-income community. Ecological crisis creeps its way in to the comforts of home. Tourists seeking leisure find a 21st-century world rearranged beyond comprehension. In Distractions, paint smears away any attempt to find meaning amidst the quotidian clutter and piling debris. To learn more about his work, visit grantwhipple.com.


Grant Whipple was born in Chicago and received his BA from DePauw University and an MFA from Michigan State University. He exhibits in galleries nationally and internationally. He is currently Visiting Assistant Professor in the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.