Theoretical Task

Imagine yourself natural
in the day like grass—like ice.

Ontological Data and Problems

The Tools of Protection
below are in no special order
and none is stronger than any other:
opinion, ignorance, God,
applause, face East and draw
deep deep deep deep
thy breath, get out, insania,
hieromania, philosophies
of resignation.


Exquisitely happy
and sad.


An anger you can really taste.
A face you can remember.

The Variegated Sameness in the I-Network

How splendid, this distress,
in its matter-of-factness.

The Fourfold Ontological Dimensions of Certainty

One:    The body.

Two:    What’s broken
              so far.

Three:  I feel my feet
              and start walking.

Four:    Always this making
              bullets of wounds.


Naomi Clewett’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Georgetown Review, DIAGRAM, Puerto del Sol, Black Warrior Review, Southern Poetry Review and elsewhere. She holds an M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Alabama and lives in Lexington, Kentucky.