This   poem  was  originally  entitled  How  to

Survive   After    Obtaining   the   Four   Year

Degree but  then  I fell asleep  & upon waking

I entitled it something else. Sometimes I have

dreams  where  February  comes early & I am

left  standing  out  in  the  middle  of  a frozen

lake.   Sometimes  you  glance  at  me  with  a

funny look in your eyes.  Sometimes you  tell

me    to    carpe    diem.    Sometimes    I    do.

Sometimes nobody compliments my jeans so

I buy more pairs of jeans. Sometimes nobody

says anything so neither do I. Sometimes it’s

raining & sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes  we

step outside & our footsteps are engrained in

the dirt. Sometimes we bathe ourselves in the

river. Sometimes you ask me why my poems

are arranged in columns like obituaries.


Leon Hedstrom is an emerging writer and Minneapolis native with poems or short fiction currently published in or forthcoming from magazines such as 3Elements Review, Bodega, WhiskeyPaper, and Four Chambers Press.