Vessel | Archival Inkjet Print | 18" x 24" | 2012


Artist Statement: The Pictograph series explores personal narratives by constructing still life scenes that offer subtle suggestions of an underlying story. The backgrounds and objects I incorporate into the work echo the Midwest craft-centric culture from which I hail. The fanciful colors, floral motifs, and repetitious patterns create a sense of homespun beauty that draws the viewer in for a closer look. The constructed scenes carry a subtle tension between the visual elements, and they give evidence to a more complex narrative taking shape.


Kally Malcom is a photographer whose work and research explores place, personal history, and identity. Her images employ a range of photographic processes and move between the studio and the natural world. Selections from her recent work have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Schneider Museum of Art in Ashland, Oregon; Northlight Gallery, in Phoenix, AZ; Marion Center for Photographic Arts in Santa Fe, NM; and the Pingyao International Photography Festival, in Pingyao, China. Her images have been published in F-Stop Magazine, The HAND Magazine, WPR Wisconsin Life online, The Huffington Post, and her photographs are held in numerous private collections throughout the United States. Kally holds an MFA from New Mexico State University, and is an Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of North Florida. Her portfolio can be viewed at: