Window | Assemblage | 60 x 47 x 54 cm | 2011


Artist Statement: My work process involves creating a hand-sculpted illustration with several materials that allow me to work in three dimensions. I love to explore the possibilities of each project and experiment with new solutions and textures. I like to be concise in my illustrations and find the easiest way to convey a message with the fewest possible elements—it is a legacy of my background in graphic design, “less is more.”


Irma Gruenholz is a three-dimensional illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. She studied graphic design and worked for a time as an art director in an ad agency before embarking on a freelance career. She has worked for advertising agencies, magazines, and publishing houses. The latest book that she has illustrated “Il Ballerino del Silenzio,” written by Ivo Rosati and published by Zoolibri, has been awarded with one of the Special Prize in Nami Island International Illustration Concours, South Korea. Recently, she was selected to be included in the Society of Illustrators 56 exhibit in New York. Her portfolio can be viewed at: