Averil in Fairview Phonebox | Zenith SLR, 1600 ASA B&W | 1988

Éadaoin at Low Tide, Dublin Bay | Zenith SLR, 1600 ASA B&W | 1985

Rosie & Mary, Malahide Rd. | Zenith SLR, 1600 ASA B&W | 1987


Artist Statement: At 16, growing up in 80s Dublin, Ireland, I documented my life on an old Zenith SLR—reputedly made from melted down Russian tanks. My first roll of 1600 ASA B&W film was given to me by an old press photographer in a bar, who confided that it was industry standard as you can shoot under any conditions with it. The high ASA creates a lovely grainy effect, which combined with a 30mm lens meant that I was ready for anything. I spent five years strapped to that camera, and some of the results are published here.


Nicola Lane is an artist/curator currently pursuing a Masters in Curatorial Practice at Bath Spa University, England. She graduated in 2003 with an Honours Degree in Fine Art Sculpture from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland—where she is based. While attending NCAD, Lane traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to take up a scholarship in Time Based Art at RISD. She shows regularly and has received a number of awards. In 2011 she established an artist-run gallery along with her partner, fellow artist Karl Somers, which led her to pursue Curatorial Studies. She can be found online at: therealnicolalane.wordpress.com.