Natural Perception: Face V | Oil on Canvas | 9" x 12" | 2013

Natural Perception: Sarah II | Oil on Canvas | 9" x 12" | 2013


Artist Statement: Our sense of reality is often based heavily upon one’s ability to perceive the world through eyesight. The Natural Perception series seeks to convey—through the use of thick impasto oils—the blurry and disorienting feeling of nearsightedness that is natural to the artist.


Joshua Duncan is an active independent New Orleans based artist. He studied at Memphis College of Art, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration in 2011. Duncan is inspired by aesthetic moments that transcend time to connect all of humanity, and his work, though ranging in styles and mediums, ultimately wishes to connect the viewer with the commonality of all human beings and allow for a moment of contemplation. His work can be found at: