The Traveler (Aquarius) | Oil, Gold Leaf on Birch | 7" x 19" | 2013


Artist Statement: The inter-penetrating layers of symbolism, mysticism, and narrative in my work constitute a timeless world of ancient rituals and divinatory rites. In synthesizing techniques of the old masters, ancient mystical teachings, and contemporary science, my work focuses on the uniqueness and universality of inner landscapes and transcendent experience.


Chris Sedgwick was born in Florida in 1981 and began painting at a young age. He graduated from Florida State University and began a career in painting after moving to Asheville, NC. His inspiration spans from the spiritual to the scientific and his work often evokes intense emotional responses. His work is in numerous private collections worldwide and his housed in the permanent collections of Richard Kessler, Florida State University, and Western Carolina University. Sedgwick shares his time between the mountains of Colorado and western North Carolina—drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of both regions.