Erratic | Oil, Mixed Media on Panel | 14" x 17.25" | 2012

Favorite | Oil, Mixed Media on Panel | 30" x 48" | 2012

Devise | Oil, Mixed Media on Canvas | 45" x 53" | 2012


Artist Statement: In our world we are surrounded by the implication that what is real is synonymous with what is important. By using memory as a platform, I explore the contradictions to this rule. In my work, memory is unfolded in a fragmented way, which exposes a non-linear thought process. This instability leaves us with a constantly changing self—memory that balances vocation as self-made liberation and as a basic lifesaving device. The juxtaposition of objects, images, and materials on the picture plane create narratives that will inevitably fall apart. This results in imagery that amass and meld on the picture plane, or appear to be jettisoned memory, imagination, and misinformation that have collected over time. Self-questioning and self-doubt become pillars of my work. By avoiding the comfort of single-minded interpretation, a dialogue between opposites occur, such as real/unreal, and significant/insignificant. I juxtapose a temporal experience with the physical presence of painting materials, which serve as prosthesis for real experience. Playful inquiry, improvisation, and makeshift narratives serve to establish questions about the ways in which we lie. Through this glut of imagery and items, I am interested in prompting the past while simultaneously fictionalizing it.


Casey Snyder is a mixed media painter who lives and works in the DC Metro area. Snyder is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College, and also works at Glenstone, a contemporary art museum in Maryland. Her work focuses on exposing materials, while combining collage and painting. Snyder’s most recent exhibitions include: Fresh Paint at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; VISIONS 2013 Making the Ordinary Extraordinary at High Point University’s Sechrest Art Gallery in High Point, NC; Fountain Art Fair for Armory Week at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York, NY; and Academy of Fine Arts Annual National Juried Art Exhibition in Lynchburg, VA. Snyder’s recent publications also include: Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2014 with HT Art Magazine Publishing Coombe House in Croydon, UK; and Fresh Paint II with Fresh Paint Magazine, January issue 2014. Fresh paint II is also being exhibited in Center City Philadelphia.