Okay Moon

Okay moon

Okay cocoon
Okay blackbird

Okay room

Okay bad word, okay whisper

Okay pilgrims, okay loser

Okay loon

Okay fruitwood, okay loom

Okay Homer, or homing
Okay flora, singing fauna
Okay forged hand
Okay disarmer

Okay follower

Okay moon

Okay only house, okay parade float
Okay opening made in the throat

Okay trouble, red light green
Okay double pink promise by the swings
Okay sucker, big meanie, big stink
Okay bag thick with thirty silver pieces

Okay spoon

Okay monologue, analog-to-digital
Okay power chord, okay dactyl
Okay sound cannon, broadcast, typecast
Okay acronym, subliminal messages

Okay falling anvil and/or kaboom

Okay idols and real survivors
Okay twenty new great flavors
Okay June, Big Brother reality
Okay it wasn’t me, okay he loves u not

Okay moon

Okay milkface, okay missing
or will be missed
Okay pubic hairs, okay scare
Okay pilot light, lite-brite memorandum
Okay this is the body
Okay blood
Okay this is your brain on drugs

Okay costume
Okay lampoon, okay greatest nation

Okay Harmful by inhalation
Okay Danger of cumulative effects
Okay Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications

Okay doom, okay gloom

Okay moon

Okay moon

Okay breathing room, sneak and peek
Okay heat wave, life and limb
Okay watch list, new writ, no fly

Okay mother

Okay ocean my bonny lies over
Okay phaseout, get out, smokem out

Okay sister, O sister

Okay high noon, send it to Zoom

Okay back room
Okay maybe

Okay to whom

Okay moon

Okay moon


Alicia Salvadeo grew up in Staten Island, New York, and in eastern Pennsylvania. She now lives in Pittsburgh, where she studied poetry and history at the University of Pittsburgh. She is the author of two chapbooks: Memory Milk (2012), published by Diamond Wave Press, and Err to Narrow (2014), which was selected by Nick Flynn for Poetry Society of America’s National Chapbook Fellowship. Her poetry has recently appeared in Bodega Magazine, Bombay Gin, and DIAGRAM. More of her work can be found at: aliciasalvadeo.tumblr.com.