Composite (Okaasan Series 1, Vers. 2) | Oil on Copper | 9" x 5" | 2007


Artist Statement: A more grounded discussion of my work begins with considering its “operatic” tone. I exact a preference for hyperbole and “psychological” texture in my work. It comes, as most art forms, from reflections on my life (episodes, experiences, etc.). And, it is imagery that I explore specific to painting within the confines of self-portraiture that typically runs counter to modern western notions of beauty. I re-render the flesh of friends and relations (lasting & temporary) serving as a surrogate for me by “compositing” my imagery from a variety of observed, imaginary, and digital sources. In so doing, I seek to continue to resolve/meld both “low” and “high” influences in my with a conscious restraint airing on subtlety to yield tension.


Steven Labadessa is a native New Yorker. He earned a bachelor of science in psychology and bachelor of arts in studio art (drawing& sculpture) from Brooklyn College, a juris doctor from Boston University, post baccalaureate certificates in painting from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before receiving a master of fine arts in painting from the University of Pennsylvania. Steven is currently preparing for two solo exhibitions at Seminole State and Illinois Central Colleges in 2014. More about the artist and his work can be found at his website: