Amorous Way | Graphite on Translucent Mylar | 21" x 21" | 2010


Artist Statement: I am compelled to construct a physical art object or image that triggers experiences parallel to immaterial events. The graphite work Amorous Way is one of an ongoing series of drawings that shift in relation to the viewer’s orientation to the work. The reflective, mirror-like surfaces allow for a “slippage in the perceptual” thus visual hierarchies rise and diminish. Power, as defined by tone or focal point, is rendered unstable. Through the invention of these “impossible forms,” I aim to defy perceptual space with deliberate perspective errors and the use of quasi bi-lateral compositions. These invite comparisons that inevitably reveal our ability to both gestalt and detect nuances of differentiation. Simultaneously organic and inorganic, figurative and botanical, recognizable and obscured, black and white and poly-chromed, an object emerges that both is and is not.


Lori Esposito has worked as an artist and educator throughout the US. Her work is shaped by a desire to utilize alternative and ancient healing processes that may offer relief and empowerment from profound loss or change. Seeking respite and beauty through the integration of daily life and practice, Lori investigates experiential and kinesthetic potentials of objects, imagery and actions. Her practice instigates a broad dialogue concerning the relationships between culture and natural systems, which has fostered a distinctive outlook on landscape and botanical rendering. She has exhibited and lectured on her work at academic institutions, art centers and conferences nationally and internationally. She has also been published in the journals and publications of numerous fields including neurology, anthropology, and contemporary art. She has received public and private commissions, residencies, and institutional grants for her work, which alongside drawing and painting is inclusive of performance and community-centered projects.