(An)other | Small Broken Wooden Chair Found on Sidewalk at 40° 41' N / 73° 56' W, Bleached Linen 
and Polished Graphite | 42" x 16" x 23" | 2013


Artist Statement: I explore form, fabric, and furnishings as they relate to the disposal of domestic life. The ways in which objects enter and exit our lives, how we care for them, how we think about them, how we occupy them, and how they occupy us are questions central to my concerns. My interest in objects is a product of my childhood. I spent most of my weekends wandering the aisles of a flea market in New Jersey where my parents worked to supplement their income. I now take objects I find discarded on the curbs of Brooklyn and shroud them in stitched coverings, translating the original form into an echo of itself. Because they have been cast off, I see them as lingering in crisis both physically and psychologically. I cannot give life back to these objects, nor hear the stories they have been a part of—their memories. It’s all gone. Irrecoverable. They can only be something else. Other life...other object.


Karla Stingerstein is a steward of objects. She holds an MFA from Pratt Institute and a BA from Lafayette College in Easton, PA. Karla’s practice is cross-disciplinary, with an emphasis in sculpture, painting, drawing, and alternative photographic methods. This summer she was a participant in the second annual Brooklyn International Performing Art Festival. Karla’s first solo exhibition The One/The Other was at Pratt Studios Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. She has also participated in group exhibitions, including: the Pratt Manhattan Gallery; Ed. Varie; the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York, NY; the Grossman Art Gallery at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania; the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA; and the Student Union Art Gallery and Herter Gallery at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. She has also participated in the GO! Brooklyn Museum Open Studio Project. Karla has received grants from the University of Massachusetts Arts Council and the University of Massachusetts Art and Art History Department for her collaborative sound installation 24312. Karla currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.