Madmoiselle Un | 120 Film Scan | 20" x 24" | 2012


Artist Statement: I have often delved into creating photographs based on portraying and critiquing societal implications; particularly, the current state of women, gender, and bodies. In many cases the very mention of words feminism, memory, sexual fluidity, and bodily discussion can leave a bad taste in the mouths of many. Often, these concepts leave us lost and confused. But, well-established artists like Cindy Sherman, and her contemporary followers such as Robyn Cumming, Deborah Kass, and Polly Borland have reversed that notion, and have been continuing this ever-necessary discussion. It is my desire as a young artist to add to this dialogue with images that interact with bodies and settings that are unnerving but lovely.


Precocious has been a buzz work for Haylee Anne since she was a child. Her curiosity for what made things move, tick, grow, and sing has developed into an eye that transforms these wonders into images. Haylee received her BFA at Montclair State University, in New Jersey. Always the history buff, Haylee’s work can be seen in the Smithsonian, as she is a recipient of the The Kennedy Center and VSA’s award for artistic excellence. Her work has traveled to New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago. New gluten free options, her cat, a camera, and a nap make this artist feel refreshed.