The Spirit and the VirginOil on Canvas | 8.701" x 15" | Private Collection 2012

The Gift and the Ghost | Oil on Canvas | 29.518" x 34" | Private Collection 2012

Omnes Oportet SudareOil on Canvas | 34.641" x 60" | 2012

The Virgin and Helel Ben SaharOil on Canvas | 20.836" x 24" | 2012

Omnes Mustum MoriOil on Canvas | 29.518" x 34" | 2012

Water DustOil on Canvas | 19.721" x 34" Private Collection 2012

The Three Tongues of DuskOil on Canvas | 29.518" x 34" | Private Collection | 2012

The HarlotOil on Canvas | 19.721" x 34" Private Collection | 2012

Light BringerOil on Canvas | 20.836" x 24" Private Collection | 2012


Artist Statement: When principles are put to the question, there is no escaping physical reality. Though an idea cannot be broken, a bearer can. Fire speaks to ice, and an acolyte melts. These are the forms of water, unbound, in the house of black and white. These are wet nuns. Drink Venezia dry.

Photo by Allan Amato

Photo by Allan Amato

Shaun Berke is delirious. An all-time old-time pleasure-monger. Slower; look too fast and you’ll miss it. He started by getting born about 30 years ago in Larrabee County, a mythical small town above the San Fernando Valley. A long time later, he went to art school at Art Center College of Design, following which he was apprentice to a mentor in the traditional manner. Now he runs a painting workshop for his alma mater, then goes home to paint some more in his north-light-lit cave in Pasadena. Along the way he joined The Getty Research Institute, lectured at Moorpark College, acted as teaching assistant to his mentor in Venice (the one in Italy), and was given awards by the Westlake Village Art Guild, Thousand Oaks Art Association, Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and Alyce de Roulet Williamson. His hobbies are working as a janitor and building shrines to gods he can’t remember anymore.