Double-Shot: 11.10(b) | Shot Archival Inkjet Photograph | 10.75" x 38" | 2010


Artist Statement: Michael Bisbee’s Double-Shot series is an exploration of the photograph subjected to cathartic marking, sometimes to the point of obliteration. This action is sourced from the rural practice of “tagging” signs by shooting at them. His Double-Shot work is conceived as both performance and object.


Michael K. Bisbee is an artist who has worked with a variety of media and currently resides in Socorro County, New Mexico. His work has been exhibited at The Hirshhorn Museum, THE LAND/gallery, Art In General, 516 Arts, and other nonprofit settings. He is the recipient of grants including NEA and NYFA fellowships. Additionally he has exhibited in commercial galleries in NY, Washington, Chicago, and LA. For more complete information visit: