Watcher by Chance | Mixed Media | 100 x 100cm | 2012


Artist Statement: In Mariannic Parra’s paintings, light is the most important aspect. Light is not painted, it is not an illusion of light, it is light created—a living thing. Marianic employs various natural materials (sand, black volcanic sand, coal, and gold) which are associated with modern Plexiglas. Her work is a new contribution to the large family of artists working with light, from the early days of the Impressionists, to the optical artists, and more recently artists such as American artists Dan Flavin, and Walter De Maria. Following in the footsteps of French Impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Paul Signac, and Georges Seurat, Mariannic Parra seeks to explore dimensions of light, though her works move beyond the Impressionists by using light as a medium.