Other Sun Worshippers

In this life, you are
being lived by the moon
There is a flashing light inside, nothing
to salute / The tide rises, doesn’t stop
Soon you are something made of
something that was blue
You have everyone’s attention
You feel the tug of the cat’s paw
on your pajamas / There is no fate
you’d rather submit to
What you do know is that sun
If nothing else there is
the way a goose flies
low over the lake in winter / a thing
to shimmer against
You become everyone’s
reflection / And when
the sun does
come out
there is nothing
to see

The title is a phrase taken from the book Astro Analysis, by Llewellyn George, published in 1927.

Kat Sanchez lives in Chicago. Her chapbook, You are either the fire the hummingbird the California coast or the act of flying backwards In this Story, was published by H_NGM_N B__KS in July 2012. Her poems have been published in Syntax, Columbia Poetry Review, Poets & Artists, CutBank, [PANK], Bateau, and others. Currently she serves as the layout and design editor for Fifth Wednesday Journal, an associate editor for Arsenic Lobster, and the Chicago regional editor for Coldfront.