OpeningsAcrylic Paint on Canvas | 36" x 48" | 2012

 Options | Acrylic Paint on Canvas | 28" x 25" (Diptych)2012


Artist Statement: As difficult as it is to comprehend, it is essential for callous moments to take place in our lives. Unpleasant circumstances create voids—empty spaces that remain hollow throughout the course of our existence. Some of our voids were full at one point, and have emptied when something was lost, as others are undetectable (we never knew they were there until something came along to occupy them). I emphasize voids because as many people dread them, I see them as positive existences. They are the force behind incidents that ultimately better our lives. People fear loss because it is an occurrence that no one is able to control. Although I attempt to make the hard-edged shapes in my work as flawless as possible, there are still facets that are out of my control. Sometimes, the paint flows under taped sections, or bits of paint drip into unintended areas while I am working. Much like events in our lives, we attempt to manipulate the outcome of any situation, yet there are always unpredictable elements that come into play. The choice for many is whether they should dread or embrace a void, since loss commonly involves unwelcomed change. We must accept that we cannot control what happens to us—we can only control our reactions.


Born and raised in northwest Ohio, Carlee East was creative at a young age and became passionate about painting in high school. She went on to earn her BFA in Painting and Art Education degree at Bowling Green State University, graduating in 2010. Currently living and working in Carbondale, Illinois, Carlee is an instructor, graduate student, and emerging artist building her portfolio. Her work has been displayed both nationally and internationally, with recent group exhibitions including: The 34th Annual SIUC Purchase Awards Exhibition, Enduring Control, and Abstracts Online Art Exhibition. One of her pieces has also been shown in the Toledo Area Artist’s Exhibition, a prestigious juried show that is exclusive to select artists in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. She will graduate with her MFA degree in May of 2013, and plans to continue painting, teaching, and exhibiting work.