Building Blocks | Screen Printing Ink on Linen | 168" x 45" | 2011


Artist Statement: Life is full of experiences whether they are visual, physical, or spiritual. These events are the building blocks of our identities, and help us to develop a sense of self. I have begun to look at art, and the process of art making, in a very similar manner. The act of producing an object is personal, and no two objects are fabricated in exactly the same way. The uniqueness and individuality of each form I create, much like our personal identity, is shaped and influenced by events that unfold through the process of everyday occurrences. The unpredictability of the course of our lives sets the stage for growth and change, and the end result is our own personal story. My work is based on the exploration of segmental building. I start by fabricating a wealth of objects, and slowly puzzle them together. As elements begin to coalesce, a shape, as well as a collected personality, begins to surface. This process continues until an environment begins to manifest. As I am building and moving through the space, I am captivated by the uniqueness of each form. Everything has its own place and individuality, and yet they all fit into a collective whole.


Amy Masters, a fiber artist, was born and raised in Southeast Kansas, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles Design from the University of Kansas in 2009.  Currently, she resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State University, with a concentration in fibers. Masters is an introductory design, color theory, and beginning fibers instructor, has exhibited her work in local and national group exhibitions, and will be presenting a solo thesis exhibition November 26th, 2013.  For additional work, visit: