Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbow Come for a VisitOil on Canvas | 24" x 48" | 2011

Store FrontOil on Canvas | 44" x 48" | 2012

Infinite MonkeysOil on Board | 32" x 48" | 2012


Artist Statement: For the past few years, I have been creating an imaginary world peripheral to ours where the basic structure of life and vitality is redefined. While many of my paintings are tongue-in-cheek or mischievous, they express my interest in what goes on, and what really lives, behind a turned back. In my paintings, humans and objects do not follow typical roles of our reality, and often their characteristics blur together. I am extremely interested in humanity caught in a falsified existence: uncomfortable poses in yearbooks, mannequins, dolls, vintage cheesecake pornography, etc.. These beings resemble humans, yet no longer imbue humanity. Conversely, the objects in my paintings typically take on a greater personality than mere objects often these are toys, souvenirs, and cheap doodads that are typically cast off over time. It’s the blending of these two ideas that creates what I call a Chimera, a sentient entity with a spark of life. Their plane of existence is my peripheral world—a mostly jocular (but sometimes spooky) place inhabited by beings between identities.


Alessandra Sulpy is a nomadic figurative/surrealistic painter, who frequently moves studio, home, and husband to teach at various universities nationwide. She earned her BFA in Painting (with a minor in Art History) at the Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA in Painting at Indiana University, and since graduating has taught painting and drawing in Utah, Pennsylvania, and Italy. She has exhibited in several group and solo shows nationwide, and won numerous awards for her work. She will soon be featured on Artfetch, an international curated online platform for exciting emerging art. Currently, she is showing with The Gallery 4 in Pittsburgh, PA.