Ive got another one

moving in
when I brace before the morning mirror
she is disturbed
when I am forced
to prepare for public viewing
the self with staying power
escorts me out the door

I long for ancient simple days
sitting on the bathtub edge
in a pre-pubescent cloud
basking in daughterlove
not looking at myself
at all

(shes) prettier than you

but won’t assimilate
when lining eyes and drawing brows
she can be violent
(oh, Narcissus!)
it’s dueling headshots
the survivor of survival
becomes my consort (live with it!)

I warmly recall
the smell of Burma Shave
watching my father
with a love that fogs a mirror
and not considering myself
sadly then   at all


Linda Umans enjoyed a long teaching career in the New York City public schools. She is an ardent traveler and a native of Manhattan where she lives, studies, and writes. Recent publications include poems in qarrtsiluni, YB, Terrain.org, The Broome Street Review, Status Hat, Switched-on Gutenberg, and pieces in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood and Literary Bohemian.