Too Delicate | Ink on Parchment | 5" x 7" | 2011


Kev Anderson is a Chicago-based artist, illustrator, and comic creator working primarily with inks and watercolors, with occasional touches of digital color and processing. His main influences range from Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Schiele, to Frank Miller, Tim Sale, and Jaime Hernandez. His greatest passion—to tell stories through imagery—has manifested in the form of illustrations, comics, and animations. He holds an Associate Degree of Fine Art from the American Academy of Art, Chicago, as well as a three year certificate of study in realist painting and drawing from the Florence Academy of Art, Italy. He maintains an extensive creative, nonprofit, and corporate client list, and has been published in: Back to Print (an art and poetry journal) and (a food blog), in addition to the forthcoming publications The Sleep of Reason (short graphic fiction) and Tell (a webcomic). His work can be viewed at: